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SPML Infra Among World’s Top 50 Private Water Companies: Subhash Sethi, Chairman, SPML

In more than 3 decades, SPML has executed over 600 water projects, helping water utilities to deliver safe and clean drinking water to about 40 million people of India.


SPML Infra Limited is among the World’s Top 50 Private Water Companies as per the latest research conducted by Global Water Intelligence, London. SPML Infra has been continuously featuring for the past 6 years in the bi-annual survey of world water companies.

With the legacy of more than 3 decades, SPML Infra has executed over 600 water projects and created significant value for the country, thus touching the lives of millions of people with provision of drinking water facilities, wastewater treatment, integrated sewerage network, better municipal waste management, power transmission & distribution and lighting up homes. Our sustainable infrastructure and advanced technology help water utilities to deliver safe and clean drinking water to about 40 million people of India.

Express Water Exclusive

Subhash Sethi (Chairman, SPML Infra Limited), in conversation with Express Water, on being part of world’s top 50 private water companies:

“When we began our business about five decades ago, water was not a business proposition at all. Nobody was talking about water as it was freely available in abundance and there was no mechanism to regulate the usage. We started with the execution of small water projects in the north-east region of the country. In our quest to achieve the impossible and create value and wealth for the country, we worked relentlessly to grow the company. The boundaries of our business started expanding beyond north-east and we began taking up projects in different cities and later pan India. We faced adversities in the form of delays in fund/resource allocations, lack of qualified manpower in the country at that time and minimal presence of private players in the public infrastructure domain. As we expanded operations in different cities, we started developing our own resources. We also brought EPC concept in the water infrastructure development and new ideas of doing business while keeping our focus on overall development and modernization of the nation as our key concern area.”

“SPML Infra has been promoting sustainable water management for decades now and has completed more than 600 water projects across the country. It has been part of some of the large water supply projects where project execution required careful planning, innovative engineering, successful scheduling, and massive deployment of resources for timely execution. SPML Infra has integrated its strengths with engineering, process technology, project management, procurement, fabrication and erection, and construction to commissioning. Many of the engineering and construction projects executed by SPML Infra have set new benchmarks in terms of scale, sophistication, and speed and we were truly able to convert the challenges into opportunities. We are happy that our company is continuously featuring among the global top private management companies.”

“With strong economic development, growing population and rapid urbanization, India need to upgrade the water infrastructure in a big way as we go ahead with our development plans to make the country economic superpower in near future. As per estimates, only 31 percent of rural and 70 percent of urban households are connected with piped water supply. The huge gap between water supply and sewage treatment is another area of great concern and we are not treating more than 72 percent of used water before its disposal to rivers and water bodies causing contamination in groundwater sources. Water loss and non-revenue water account for as much as 70 percent of the total water supply at many places and it needs an urgent attention from all stakeholders. For a diverse country like India, the integrated water management approach will be better solutions to all water woes. We are happy that SPML Infra has contributed immensely to India’s water infrastructure development and presently we are executing about 32 such projects to provide drinking water facilities to millions of people of our country.”

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