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Strategic Partnership Announced Between Thermosift and Memsift Innovations to Establish Business in South-East Asia

The partnership will allow the companies to conduct a joint pilot project in Singapore. This joint pilot project will start in August 2018.


Thermosift Engineering and Memsift Innovations has entered into a strategic partnership in which they will combine their expertise and technologies in order to provide a superior solution for brine treatment and zero liquid discharge for their clients in India and South East Asia.

TS-30 Membrane Modules

Thermosift Engineering’s thermal separation process and membranes are based on patented award-winning technologies that provide unique benefits over traditional brine treatment and zero liquid discharge solutions. Thermosift’s TS-30™ system uses an innovative Joule Thomson Effect (JTE) based thermal separation process and a proprietary membrane STOMATE™ that brings down the water treatment costs significantly. Similarly, Memsift Innovations is developing and licensing innovative membrane technologies to provide solutions for the South East Asian market. Memsift’s membranes could compliment the TS-30 system, by expanding its application in various industry sectors.

The partnership also includes a close commercial collaboration between the companies, optimizing commercial synergies and making use of the complementary geographical presence and client bases in South East Asia region. In addition, the partnership will allow the companies to conduct a joint pilot project in Singapore. The joint pilot project will start in August 2018.

Dr. J Antony Prince, the Founder of Memsift Innovations said, ‘Through this strategic partnership we will be able to reach our clients with a larger and even better product offering. It really combines the best of both worlds and it will help our clients with better brine treatment and zero liquid discharge solution. We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Thermosift and the important commercial opportunities it presents to our companies’.

Mayur Sharma talked to Dr. J Antony Prince (Founder, Memsift Innovations) about this new announcement.

Q. What was the basis of this partnership (technology and market wise) and how did it materialize?
Dr. Prince: The basis of this partnership is to combine the effort to commercialize the technology in a wider market. Both parties are focusing on the zero liquid discharge mark where Thermosift has a unique product TS-30™ (a novel membrane-based ZLD system) and Memsift found there is a huge market opportunity for this technology in the SEA region. Hence, Memsift decided to work with Thermosift to expand the market for the TS-30 system.

Q. Tell us more about your marketing and growth plans in South East Asia.
Dr. Prince: In the coming year, Memsift’s primary focus will be on bringing this technology to the market. As an initial step, Memsift will identify potential end users to pilot this technology in the real field condition and we are committed to start the first commercial pilot in Singapore by August 2018. Memsift will also look for strategic partners to bring this technology in the SEA market.

TS-30 Pilot System

Q. Which industries can specifically get benefit from TS-30 system, STOMATE membranes, and MEMSIFT’s membranes, and why?
Dr. Prince: Mining, galvanizing, electroplating, and semiconductor industries are using an excess of inorganic acids and the wastewater containing these inorganic acids are categorized as hazardous waste and there are regulations to transport and incinerate these wastes.

If we use this novel decentralized membrane based ZLD system, it can recover the acid from the waste, which can be potentially used in the process again.

The dissolved metals will be concentrated and recovered from the wastewater, which can also be used in the process; this will help the industry to be more sustainable.

Q. Give us some more background of your planned joint pilot project with Memsift in Singapore. What are the expectations?
Dr. Prince: As per our current plan, Memsift will identify the potential end user to pilot the technology in one of the above industry in Singapore. Thermosift will provide the technical expertise to develop the pilot system in Singapore. The feed flow to the system will be at least 2500 L/day. In this pilot, we are expecting to recover diluted acid and concentrate the metal salt from the industrial effluent. If this project is successful, it will be an ideal example for the circular economy.

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