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Start-up of India’s First Touchless Dispenser Offers Crowdfunding Option to its Potential Investors

How do you get global exposure for an emerging product with great possibilities whilst helping fund its growth? By crowdfunding it! Read on to know more…


How do you get global exposure for an emerging product with great possibilities whilst helping fund its growth?

By crowdfunding it and letting the global market guide your trajectory based on innovation and the scope of deployment of your product.

“That’s why we chose to crowdfund India’s first touchless dispenser for drinking water with dual protection for your drinking on Indiegogo (one of the world’s top crowdfunding platform)”, says Bhrigu Chadda, CEO of Realment Labs Private Limited.

Touchless technologies have been used and commercialized for a long time.

When was the last time anyone was impressed by an automatic faucet in the bathroom of a hotel or a movie theatre?

Yet for some reason, this hasn’t been adopted widely in so many other fields where it is more required. We often see this technology adopted more for its novelty or as a built-in cost-cutting mechanism.

The team at Realment Labs decided to change this and bring this technology to every user of a water dispenser at an affordable price to improve the hygiene and sanitation of their water dispenser. Due to its versatile design, they can deploy these dispensers anywhere from homes to offices, schools, and hospitals, etc. Click here to read the earlier coverage “The Touchless Story of a Startup – the inception of India’s first touchless dispenser”.

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Along the way, the team realized that the issues are not a lack of acceptance from its users but a competitive price and the awareness of a product such as this.

So to tackle this issue they decide to include people more hands-on in its journey of creating this touchless revolution. They had already spent two years innovating and improving this technology but now they wanted to reach people and also fund its journey with their acceptance of the product and their belief in its vision.

So the Realment Labs team has now launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to grow beyond the concerns of the Indian consumer and lend an ear to a global community.

Also having a sense of responsibility towards the community that pushes us forward, it has decided to donate a part of its pledges to They are a world-renowned non-profit organization that provides safe water to developing nations. The team understands the lack of infrastructure, education, and awareness in developing countries so together it wanted to support to push forward its aligning vision of sanitation and hygiene.

Realment Labs team has already received a lot of love and support and is now looking to reach out to more people. It encourages people to visit its Vurify Touchless Dispenser Campaign on Indiegogo to better understand its product and vision. Its goal is not to create a profitable product since that is something it has already achieved but instead to create a Touchless revolution to highlight the importance of sanitation, hygiene along with the convenience of gesture control.

Click here to visit the Vurify Touchless Dispenser for Drinking Water campaign
at the Indiegogo.

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