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Social Entrepreneurs and Enterprises Present Conference on Water: Act or Perish

The conference being organized on 28th April at IIM Bangalore is an initiative by alumni of IIT Kanpur, supported by the alumni of IIT Kharagpur, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore.


Water, the life essential that makes life flow smoothly is quickly becoming short in supply and water worries are becoming increasingly widespread across the globe. While the total amount of water on the planet remains the same, the number of people claiming it is increasing with the rise in population. Improvement in lifestyle has further increased the demand for water, especially in developed urban areas. Cape Town, the first city to run out of water, has shocked the world out of the myth that water crisis only happens in dry and arid rural areas. Cities across the globe are now revisiting their water plans and estimating demand growths. Managing demand and switching to a water-wise lifestyle has emerged as an important focus area.

Bangalore has been named by BBC as one among the top ten cities likely to suffer extensive water shortage. The citizen’s plights range from, ‘why are the lakes in Bangalore burning’ to ‘when will I get my water in taps’ to ‘how clean is my water’ to ‘how quickly is my water bill increasing with the tanker water supply.’ The government bodies such as BWSSB have been silently functional in making life for Bangaloreans as comfortable as possible, but there are multitude of challenges like old and inadequate infrastructure for the city that has expanded very quickly with the IT boom, growing energy bills, extensive leakages in the system, and above all inadequate water availability. Those dependent on groundwater have been witnessing fast depleting groundwater levels and drying lakes and many in Bangalore are plagued with what to do with the wastewater being generated in their neighborhoods as they are still waiting for a BWSSB connection.

Amidst all the water worries, the smart and the concerned citizens have come up with some brilliant ways to address several problems plaguing the water sector across the water value chain. India has become the birth place of some of the most innovative ideas such as smart and quick ways to improve clean water availability in villages, methods to reduce energy needs for water treatment and supply, technology for faster implementation of water infrastructure projects, better wastewater treatment and handling methods to name a few.

SEE (Social Entrepreneurs and Enterprises) is a volunteer-driven initiative by alumni of IIT Kanpur and supported by alumni of IIT Kharagpur, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore that fosters and nurtures entrepreneurs in the social sector while attempting to solve some burning issues. This year SEE in its 4th edition, brings to you WATER: ACT or PERISH. It’s your chance to meet people who are behind the scene in making water available in your lives. Meet social entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, citizens and activists relentlessly working to ensure water conservation, recycling, lakes conservation, water supply, saving water, reducing leakages and managing the needs of the growing population.

What will you get out of this conference:

• Is Bangalore going to follow Cape Town or is the city planning ahead of time?
• Where is your water coming from and what is goes on behind the scene?
• As a citizen what can you do to improve your water supply?
• Lakes, groundwater, water quality, inadequate water, innovation, business future… whatever your question, meet the experts and learn… for there is no life without water!

Whom to Expect:

• Waterpreneurs
• Impact Venture Capitalists
• Government of Karnataka

Date: April 28, 2018, 8 AM to 6 PM
Venue: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
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