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Market Insight: European Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems Market

Smart and Sustainable solutions are in high demand by the customer as it helps to reduce energy and chemical consumption and also improve water conservation which in turn is cost effective and reduces labor.


The European swimming pool water treatment has achieved tremendous growth during the recent years due to increased awareness of pool water quality. Various technological advances in the pool water treatment have gradually transformed the industry but media based filtration and chlorine-based disinfection continue to dominate the pool water treatment market due to its cost-effectiveness.

The two main components of a swimming pool water treatment cycle are filtration and disinfection, which lead to a key challenge of high operation and maintenance needs. Pool water must be filtered and disinfected before use and recirculated for treatment based on usage. Apart from cleaning swimming pool water, special efforts should be taken to prevent bio-film growth or algae from collecting on the pool’s floor or walls. Maintaining the correct pool water chemistry is also critical. The water should have a neutral pH, and residual chlorine levels should be maintained for continuous disinfection. Improper swimming pool water treatment maintenance can lead to serious health implications. Most European countries have regulatory standards for swimming pool water treatment, which specifies the level of residual chlorine to be used for disinfection, the number of recirculation cycles based on the pool usage, and other chemical parameters. Currently, technological advances are being made to reduce the use of chemicals and their by-products.

The efficiency of the filtration directly affects the chemical consumption. Disinfection by-products have proven to be detrimental to human health. Lack of efficiency and biofouling has constantly plagued the sand filter media which in turn increases chemical consumption and subsequently escalates the overall operation cost.

Smart and Sustainable solutions are in high demand by the customer as it helps to reduce energy and chemical consumption and also improve water conservation which in turn is cost effective and reduces labor.

Key Disruptive Technologies & Solutions

Glass Based Filter Media
Dryden Aqua pioneered the development and launch of AFM® (Activated Filter Media) which is a direct replacement of sand media filtration. It doubles the performance and reduces chemical consumption. Based on AFM® media Dryden Aqua has developed and launched an integrated pool water treatment system called Dryden Daisy®.

The activated filter media is made from recycled crushed green and brown glass. It undergoes a 3 step activation process that provides a highly catalytic surface area. As a result, the surface area is more than 300 times greater than sand media which helps in doubling the performance of the filtration. The metal oxides, in the green and brown glass pieces, helps in producing a negative charge that attracts the heavy metals and organic particles thus making the AFM self-sterilizing and thus prevents biofouling.

AFM has also been independently tested by IFTS Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives in France which is the leading swimming pool water treatment market in Europe. AFM’s performance was tested against quartz sand filter and other glass-based media filters. The test results further highlighted AFM media’s superior performance than quartz sand filter and any other glass-based media.

Robotic Pool Cleaners
Robotic pool cleaners have disrupted the swimming pool water treatment. The robotic pool cleaners clean the surface floors, walls and water lines of the swimming pools. This helps in the removal of debris or any other solids settled at the bottom. It also helps in removing the algal growth or biofilm growth. The use of robotic pool cleaners improves the efficiency of the filtration unit and helps in reduction of the chemicals used for disinfection. Maytronics has pioneered the development of Robotic pool cleaners since 1983 and it is one of the global market leaders for robotic pool cleaners.

The pool cleaners are eco-friendly, plug & play model. All Maytronics pool cleaners operate independently, it has a superior filtration, and its innovative brushes are compatible on any pool surfaces which enhances its compatibility and efficiency. It is also equipped with intelligent scanning to asses and efficiently cleans the entire pool.

Other products such as robotic pool cleaner for natural pools and cordless battery powered pool cleaners are unique to Maytronics.

Smart Pool
Fluidra has recently launched Fluidra Connect which is smart control systems through which a customer can control the entire pool through a smartphone application (app). The control system is compatible with more than 100 pool products (including pool water treatment product). The APP allows for remote monitoring and control of the entire swimming pool through the APP interface. The APP can also help in seamlessly connect to a support center who can remotely troubleshoot the pool water treatment operation. Fluidra connect is revolutionizing the pool water treatment industry by optimizing the pool water treatment and providing immense value in the form of sustainability and quality service to the customer.

Fluidra has recently acquired Riiot Labs which has developed and launched Blue. Blue is a multi-sensor (4 in 1) equipment. It can sense and communicate pH, temperature, salinity and redox/ORP to a smartphone APP which helps the customer monitor the pool water quality 24/7. Blue helps in optimizing the chemical dosage and it also helps the customer by providing customized solutions if the pool water quality is not optimal. Additionally, it helps to prevent corrosion and any other chemical damages due to overdosing.

Other treatment technologies like Salt chlorinator for disinfection and energy-efficient variable speed filtration pumps are increasingly being adopted by end-users.

European Market Size
France is the largest market for pool water treatment systems in Europe with a market share of almost 25% it is followed by Spain and Germany.

The growth of pool water treatment among residential and commercial end users in countries like France, Spain, Czech Republic and Italy are mainly due to their strong tourism potential and tightened pool water quality regulations and standards.

Frost & Sullivan estimated that the European Swimming Pool Water Treatment market was USD 1.24 billion in 2016 and it is expected to reach USD 1.7 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 5.7%.

About the Author
Paul Hudson is a Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

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