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Editor’s Note: A Journey of a Thousand Miles…


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And the first crucial step we are taking now with the inception of EXPRESS WATER magazine will have to go beyond the thousand-mile mark. That’s how we will be able to follow our vision – of being a community engagement platform that brings the world’s water communities together.

The water community has various stakeholders – governments, industrial users, technology vendors, consultants, institutes, water experts, policy-makers, contractors, EPCs, etc. Moreover, as an industry, we are still not completely organized. Different communication mediums are present in the industry, only providing a one-sided flow of information mostly on the technology and its implementation. Consequently, we always felt the lack of a strong binding force which could bring all the stakeholders together on one platform – to share ideas, opinions, and most significantly the invaluable experiences.

EXPRESS WATER magazine aims to fill this very gap. Winning the trust of all the stakeholders will be a challenge to us. Therefore, we aim to be neutral, unaffected by the market pressure, to provide unbiased content and space for the water sector to converse and converge. We derive this strength from the core philosophy of the Indian Express group.

As per a recent market-report by Frost, this year the key predictions for municipal water and wastewater segment include Sustainability, Customer Engagement, Smart Water Management, etc., while growing demand for Sustainable Solutions, Water Reuse and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) will drive the market in the industrial segment. This means that innovation will obviously be the key, and concepts like Internet-of-Things (IoT) for a green and sustainable infrastructure, and more cost-effective decentralized treatment systems would find favor. The water sector is truly at a crucial juncture.

EXPRESS WATER would be at the forefront to consistently highlight such trends. To become the most trusted source of information and help you make informed buying decisions, we will come up with the right blend of project news, products, market trends, and analysis. We will address a wide range of issues in diverse disciplines of water & wastewater from across the globe and most importantly India.

For inaugural issue what could have been better for us than going to the leaders of the water sector and asking for their collective wisdom on water. Our esteemed authors and their organizations represent a complete water ecosystem in this issue’s cover story. Let us know your thoughts, send us your suggestion and contribution. After all, as a community, we can only prosper as long as we stay connected and keep sharing the magic of water.

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“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
– Loren Eiseley

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